SlovoEd Compact English-Italian

SlovoEd Compact English-Italian 6.4

Lets you easily find appropriate translation of any word

If you're learning the English-Italian languages, the SlovoEd Compact English-Italian 6.4 dictionary and translation program will provide you with a valuable and easy-to-use translation tool on your PC. The program will provide you with up to date dictionaries and sound modules that include the most common translations with clear, concise, definitions. Using the Compact edition of the SlovoEd English-Italian program you will be able to quickly translate documents, e-mails, and web pages, without leaving the application you are working in. Using the sound modules featured in the program, you will enhance your language learning skills by being able to hear the correct pronunciations audibly in native voices.

You can search and discover grammatical references easily in the user-friendly interface presented by the program and a search history option is also available for you. The interface is customizable so you can set it to the style and look you prefer and you can also change fonts and font sizes. You can even create your own dictionary by building your own personal database. The SloveEd English-Italian electronic dictionary is also available in two, larger editions, the Deluxe edition and the Classic edition, both of which are more detailed but have the same functionality.

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  • Features sound module pronunciation


  • Program size varies from main page to download page
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